As your business grows, its telecommunications needs multiply. As staff increases, departments grow and the routing of calls becomes more complex. It is required that this larger call volume can be instantly served and its routed to the appropriate personnel.

Morover the increased incoming and outcoming traffic increases statistically the percentage of important calls. Hence occurs the very important need for continuous operation of the call center and for addressing the possible inability of providers to serve you (eg. due to an internal technical problem).

Finally, the company's expansion means the establishment of branches, offices, warehouses and generally any kind of remote point which should be served as reliably as the headquarters.

Utelit offers PBX solutions, with which you can meet the above needs. These solutions are implemented with Asterisk® (FreePBX) and include:

1. IVR (interactive voice response) for the discharge of telephone reception centers and phone secretariat and easy routing of incoming calls.

2. Queues that have the ability to play recorded messages to inform and manage customers who call and expect to be served.

3. Ability to connect to different providers and/or phone technologies (BRI, PRI, SIP) for effective failover even if an entire provider presents technical problem.

4. Virtual private networks (VPN) for secure conversation between remote sites with no external call charge costs.

5. Device operation adjustment for the convenience of users.



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