The experience of our engineers and of the company in general enables us to provide customized solutions according to the specific (ad-hoc) scenario you are experiencing.

Some such cases are like the following:


- Additon of Transcoder

You can bridge your PBX (which features eg. only PRI-BRI) to the provider (who can offer technology SIP) using an Asterisk® (FreePBX) Server who in addition to converting the protocol SIP to PRI and vice versa allows the managing of large call volumes as shown in the diagram below.


transcoders 2


- Call Recordings

If your PBX does not support it but you want call recordings (for example because there is a legal requirement) we offer the ability to connect your PBX with an Asterisk® (FreePBX) Server, dedicated to recording your calls. In addition to recording, the storage of the conversations is obviously for finding them for later use.




- Interconnection - extension of PBXs

In many cases the maintenance of part of a telephone infrastructure or its extension is more affordable than to replace it entirely. Utelit allows you to extend your PBX, be it analog or IP, and interconnect it back-to-back with an Asterisk®.


asterisk analog pbx


- Linking remote sites (headquarters and branches)

Utelit undertakes tosecure apart from the network connetion between remote sites the telephone connection too. By using a secure tunnel VPN the devices of the remote site  register in headquarter's Asterisk® so that calls to and from devices of two (or more) remote sites can be considered as simple internal calls without the cost of long distance or even urban calls .


remote site asterisk 2