Call centers are a specialized implementation of a PBX with special needs. Depending on the services implemented by the call center, it focuses on the corresponding call traffic. For example the industry of telesales or polls focuses on outbound. Correspondingly support firms, insurance, provision of information focusing on incoming calls. In each case the volume of calls that should be addressed is big but for the entrepreneur or the IT manager the challenges lies elsewhere. Common needs of a call center are:

1. The recording and analysis of call statistics (waiting times, number of answered / unanswered, average times, call volume variation within a given period, etc.)
2. Productivity growth in case of outgoing calls and avoidance of delays between two successive calls
3. The recording data (customer details, poll answers, etc.) by integrating call center with the company's CRM software in order to avoid delays caused by using intermediate media (forms on paper, spreadsheet files, etc.)


The solution for all the above is a multidiscipline installation that includes Asterisk® (FreePBX) as the core installation that provides the telephony services and on the same server the QueueMetrics® for statistics and the WombatDialer® for productive dialling.


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