Companies increasingly want to avoid hiring permanent staff to meet their IT support needs, nevertheless periodically they need the help and the advice of expert technicians.

The complexity and ongoing progress of technology require our attention and our continuous knowledge about the developments in order for us to be able to exploit the advantages of technology.

The need for personalized, high quality, high responsiveness and low-cost service is now obvious. The need of a technology consultant, who will be in your permises, the moment you' ll need him, is the most effective response to this challenge.

With our services specially configured for your needs, we provide to your premises, high quality and above all, personalized service.

We work with you to select, implement, maintain, and especially to make use of the right technology solution in order for you to meet your needs.
Our goal is to respond to your every need, on your technological infrastructure and increase the availability, reliability and productivity of your business.

Your Company gets supported at a high level of quality, to your place, also
high speed of response to your requests, and exclusive access to the Knowledge Base of UTELIT

The Support Services include:

Installation, connection and demonstration of a new PC
Installation of peripherals
Installing and configuring software
Installation of device drivers

Upgrades of computer systems
• Software upgrades with new versions 

• Installation and interconnection of Local Area Network (LAN)
Arrangements for performance optimization
• Monitoring (network monitor) operation
Installation and equipment interconnection arrangements with wide area networks

 Electronic Mail
Development and support email system

  Security (Virus protection & elimination)
Diagnosis and treatment of viruses
Security Systems Services (firewalls)

Continuous Operation (Business Continuity)
Download Backup (backup) and transfer them to another computer
• Data Migration
• Data Recovery

• Basic training in computer use and programs
• Special computing issues

Organization and Consulting Services (Consulting)
Overall upgrading of computing infrastructure
• Coordination with application software developers
Inventory and track keeping  of serial numbers and equipment

and many other related services ...