Utelit Ltd. has specialized engineers with extensive experience in design, installation and implementation of wired, wireless networks and computer systems.
The consulting services provided by Utelit are aimed at both economic and efficient operation of information and communication infrastructure and client services.

The experience of our engineers cover a wide range of needs that can offer variety of network, computing and telephone solutions.
Since 2006 Utelit Ltd. is one of the first companies in Greece that enters the domain of modern telephone technologies over computer networks using IP protocols and SIP, while providing hybrid solutions.

Our engineers have completed hundreds of studies on networks and computer systems for some of the largest telecommunications companies in Greece.

Consulting for network infrastructures
Feasibility studies for network infrastructures
• Security level study of existing network infrastructures
• Design of secure communications over network infrastructures
• Ensuring the efficient use of your network resources
• Expansion planning of infrastructure and interconnection of remote sites
• Design of high reliability and durability network solutions
(High Availability & Robustness)


Consulting on computer systems and infrastructure
Consulting on computing infrastructure design and upgrade services (Server & Storage Specifications)
Consulting services  on design, building and upgrade of infrastructure hosting computer systems (Data Room Design Specifications)
Consulting services on design and implementation of data storage and backup solutions (Storage & Backup Solutions)
Consulting services on design and implementation of solutions using virtual machines (VMs)

Consulting Services on IP  and classical ISDN / PSTN telephony
• Recording of actual telephone business needs, analysis and processing
Study and optimization of existing telephone solutions
Staff training on the efficient use of new telephone technology infrastructure
Study on the transition from classical telephony solutions (PSTN / ISDN) to new technologies (IP / SIP)
Study on transition from existing IP telephony solutions to newer and more updated.