Save time and money !!!

You can take advantage of the immediacy in communication that ONLY an SMS provides, while saving a lot of money in relation to another view. is a modern, fast and reliable solution for communication with customers and partners, since:

It gives you the opportunity to promote your products and services quickly and economically, in real time.
It is the most modern, quick and effective way of reaching out to customers. The SMS has a very high penetration of more than 95% and it can be read within the first 5 minutes.
The SMS Marketing helps you increase your sales and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

The digital platform YourSMS is active since 2006 and belongs to the group Utelit ltd. It is an online SMS sending service (Web SMS) carried out through the missions-platform (SMS hub) and provides the possibility of sending SMS worldwide. Shipping Gateways (SMS gateways) that we use, ensure quick and reliable delivery of your messages.
The platform was designed and implemented by Utelit's engineers and it is wholly owned by Utelit.

The benefits:

  • economic and direct way to communicate with your customers, with the potential purchasers in e-shop
  • strengthens the relationship with your audience
  • enhances the presentation of the company in your area
  • has measurable results
  • SMS messages are unique to have 2nd and 3rd reading from the environment of the recipient.

In we use the best combination of economic and reliable deployment of bulk SMS in Greece and around the world. So you can be sure that your web SMS will be delivered when they should and the way they should!






In you can send unique, team and/or scheduled SMS to your audience or your colleagues.
Moreover through the platform of YourSMS you can:

• Check your deployments, given the possibility of monitoring your deployments in real time
Extract financial reports and deployment reports to best manage your financial data
Send a different sender name (originator), if the account is serving more than one brands
Send up 20.000 sms per minute without delivery delays

Integrate the SMS delivery service in your own website or application (using software API that UTELIT offers as ready-to-use )
Use Greek and European telecommunications providers for routing sms
Immediate delivery of SMS
Detailed delivery reports (DLR).

Ability to send long SMS (480 characters)
• Ability of Platform Rebranding with colors, logos & url of the customer or the Reseller
Ability to create sub-accounts under the umbrella of an account with full control from the main account
Concurrent use of multiple sender names (originators) for Enterprise Accounts

Deployment integration in client software via API.
Nameday calendar
• Send SMS to all providers in the world (over 280 countries)
Full technical support either by phone 9 -18 at working hours or via e-mail throughout the year in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


With yoursms you can have fast and very safe sms deployments, in more than 900 national networks and more than 200 countries worldwide.


Delivery Report   99,9 %
Sender Name   100 %
Uptime   99,9 %
Delivery Success   99.9 % - 100%
Delivery Delay   2 - 5 sec