Newsletter is a "prospectus" we send as an e-mail to customers in order to inform and remind them about our products and services.

The newsletter used by most companies, either small or large, is aiming not only to sell but also it is intended to inform about something new or even to maintain the relationship with customers. This can be achieved by sending newsletters at regular intervals.

Creating a newsletter is easy, however it should be carefully designed so that it is attractive, pulling the reader with graphics, design and setup. Your purpose is to highlight the point of interest so that the newsletter is effective.

If a newsletter will properly be exploited can provide an effective means for you to maintain contact with existing and potential customers and you can build a relationship of trust. This will make your brand to be engraved in the memory and consciousness of your audience for future purchases.


  • fast, affordable and effective way to communicate
  • personalized
  • measurable results
  • economic and direct way of advertising
  • prospective client conversion to sale
  • friendly
  • increases the popularity of a site, constantly remind the public of our existence and our work
  • filtered information with higher usability and reliability.