Send mass e-mails and aim to develop relationships with your existing and potential customers !!

The e-mail marketing has penetrated for good in everyday life of businesses since it gives them the opportunity to inform the public of their products and services and is also an effective tool, essential in today's day to strengthen relations with customers.

The e-mail marketing service provides you with the prospect of your sent e-mails not to be characterize unwanted and to avoid being ineffective.

It is very easy to implement sending mass e-mails, simply concentrate your contacts, prepare the e-mail you want to send and get them ready to be shipped immediately valid and safely.

The benefits :

  • monitor in real time the results of the mission
  • have measurable results
  • strengthen the relationship with your audience
  • enhances the presentation of the company in your industry
  • economic and direct way to communicate with your customers

Characteristics :

  • you are planning the send time
  • personalize your e-mails
  • easy and integrated management of recipients
  • the e-mails usually appear correctly 
  • file is created with the missions
  • measure the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • check your campaigns
  • export the reports