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 UTELIT Ltd. is active since 2006 in the field of IT & Communications Services offering integrated solutions. It is one of the first companies in Greece to enter the area of Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies offering hybrid solutions with the use of IP and SIP protocols at the same time. As far as telephony projects are concerned the above solutions are implemented with the use of Asterisk deployments (FreePBX).

Utelit's advantage is its flexibility and its ease of adaptation to the new technology trends. Main objective of our company is to fully correspond to the needs and demands of our customers by offering them the absolute fidelity, security and quality.  

The company's main strength is the "know-how", which its higly specialized personnel can demonstrate. That is why our target group is professionals, indviduals with high quality demands or anyone who wants to make use of the latest technological inovation in telecommunications.

We offer:

HIGH QUALITY to the services we offer.
WARRANTY to the eqiupment we offer for sale.
FLEXIBILITY to adapt the solutions to the real needs of our customers.
HIGH LEVEL TECH SUPPORT adapted to the needs of our customers.



Moreover Utelit is Registered DELL Partner, Member of the Business Partner First HP programme and manages to offer low cost solutions without compromise in quality.

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Finally, implements projects almost exclusively with the use of SANGOMA telephony products, which is known for its quality and the Lifetime Warranty in selected products.




Utelit is Official Reseller of Loway products in Greece (QueueMetrics, WombatDialler).

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