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Utelit's people is of paramount importance for the company as they play key role to its successful route of all these years. The team consists of experienced and qualified engineers who are ready to respond to your demands and finish with success every project. They have the ability to complete the job it is assigned to them no matter what inconvenience may occur during the works of the project.

The experience, the knowledge and continuous training of Utelit's personnel makes the company to distinguish itself for its professionalism. Our company can correspond to a wide range of needs and offer a variety of networking, computing and telephony solutions.

In Utelit we consider our personnel as an asset that gives value to our cooperations and that is why we offer a pleasant environment. The initiative and inventiveness of Utelit's people are getting awarded since they improve the quality of sevices we offer.

If you like to be part of our team you can sed your CV to hr[at] Your CV will remain to our company until we need it. Your personal details will be treated as confidential and only for the exclusive use of the company.


Utelit consists of engineers certified for the installation, configuration and use of equipment made by the gratest hardware and software vendors like Cisco or VMWare.
Specifically Utelit has engineers with the certifications bellow: Certified Network Associate - Voice (CCNA Voice), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), VMWare Technical Sales Professional (VTSP), MikroTik Certified Network Associate(MTCNA)

CCNA Voice Certification      ccnp1        vmware vtsp          MTCNA