UTELIT Ltd has specialized engineers and the expertise to offer you the ability to control and monitor your data network.

Issues relating to network security, consumption and sharing resources, interconnection problems between devices in the network or specific configuration require real-time monitoring and immediate notification of the operator to the situation.

We have the knowledge and tools to monitor:

- The packet traffic within your network that create potential problem.
- The protocols used, the network sessions that are opened, to and from your network
- Devices or unauthorized users consume your network resources (bandwidth)
- Operating levels and levels of resources (CPU, Memory loads) of your own devices (PC's, Servers, routersklp)
- The "health" and the IP telephone device connectivity to the PBX.
The tools we use have the ability to set alarm levels. These alarms notify us directly depending on the severity and the way you wish (mail, SMS, visual reminder in the control panel). Finally usually it is given the possibility of geographic imaging of remote network locations and the interconnections between them.