Utelit offers a wide range of innovative WIRED and WIRELESS networking solutions for your company. We undertake the site survey and assessment of your business needs in order to offer complete solutions for your business.

Our services include the design and implementation, customization, proofing, maintenance and support of any network scenario, such as:

- Local area networks (LAN)
- Wireless local area networks (WLAN)
- Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMAN)
- Remote networks (WAN)
- Design, installation and adjustment of satellite dishes WiFi, microwave
- Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
- Intra-company networks (Intranet)
- Intercompany remote networks and telephony (Business to Business / Extranet networks)
- Voice over Internet (VoIP) using call center UTELbox
- Wireless Hot-Spots



bazaar enterprise networks


 Our experience and the equipment we use can  provide solutions without limitation to the following needs and challenges:

  • Operation of wireless access points for public use-hotspots

 UTELIT Ltd. can design and implement wireless systems for free or controlled public access in high-traffic areas such as parks, squares, ports, recreation rooms and catering.


  • Linking remote sites

By using appropriate equipment and antennas, wireless interface points can be paired up no matter if they are several kilometers apart.


  • Safe Transit information between client nodes

The equipment we use, combined with our expertise can ensure the safe transportation of your data using strong authentication and encryption mechanisms.

  • Ensuring efficient use of your network resources

Appropriate configuration of network nodes, we undertake to install to meet your needs, ensures the rational use of your network resources resulting in improved quality communication and to minimize costs.

  • Interconnection of multiple wired and wireless networks using packet routing algorithms

If your needs exceed those of a local network (wired or wireless) we can create the necessary infrastructure to interconnect separate subnets, wired and wireless, irrespective of their geographical location, using routing protocols. The use of this technology gives unparalleled opportunities for the networking flexibility, scalability as well as ensuring seamless connectivity between critical nodes for the proper functioning of your company.


  • Remote management of network and your IT equipment

Our company can take the remote management of network equipment as well as all of your computer systems in order to solve problems that arise everyday and prevent your business running smoothly. The remote management we offer can meet the needs of even an integrated large geographical scale metropolitan network or multiple points of presence of your business.

  • Multiple user groups Service

With proper configuration of the specialized network equipment we use, we can provide simultaneous interconnection of different user groups with different access rights and different security policy.


Scalability of your network whenever you choose
By using the appropriate equipment we can extend the coverage of your network and the number of users of your telecommunications infrastructure. Depending on your needs and your future plans we can implement the appropriate scalable infrastructure wich can be upgraded with low cost.