A wireless network installation provides many benefits to a business. If employees can work exclusively using wireless network it means that the amound required for installing structured cabling could be saved. The freedom of movement along with unhindered access to all enterprise data increases productivity. In larger companies (insurance, hotels) Utelit can provide high quality solutions by using equipment of leading manufacturers (Cisco, Ubiquity) that provide convenience and security and separation of access to visitors or executive employees.

Wireless hotspots

UTELIT is in position to offer a complete solution for wireless hotspots for any business by offering the following:

  • Mapping business area and study radio coverage.   

  • We supply all the necessary equipment (wireless access points, bridges, antennas, etc.) and other network infrastructure (switches, routers, etc.) for the development and operation of the wireless hotspot

  • Study business needs and availablity in bandwidth for hotspot installation proposal and optimal use of broadband Internet connection.

  • Design and implementation of website presentation of the hotspot, and navigation - access to services

  • UTELIT Ltd. is also able to undertake the entire process to promote - highlighting Hotspot and the business itself using websites with high traffic.



Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (Ασύρματα Μητροπολιτικά Δίκτυα)

Utelit Ltd. has specialized engineers with extensive experience in design, installation and implementation of wireless links and LMDS wireless metropolitan networks (Wireless Metropolitan Area Network-WMAN). Our engineers have implemented hundreds of wireless networks studies on behalf of some of the largest telecom companies in Greece, such as OTE SA and INTRAKAT SA, as well as on behalf of Municipal Authorities.
The experience of our engineering covers a wide range of needs that can offer numerous wireless interconnection solutions - networking two or more points in any topology required, using all modern technologies (WiFi a, WiFi g, WiMAX) and the corresponding protocols ( 802.11 a, 802.11 b, 802.16).

The services we provide are:

  • RF Planning
  • Site Survey
  • Network planning and design
  • Assemble-Configuration
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Operation and Maintenance

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pylaros network

The first exemplary embodiment of a wireless metropolitan network, is the one implemented to Pylaros at the Prefecture of Kefalonia. The extent of geographical coverage amounts to 20 km2 and population coverage exceeds 1000 people spread across more than 12 settlements. The nodes of the network are 8 overall. The wireless network covers multiple user groups. More specifically covers wireless networking needs of the municipality and the wireless needs of residents and tourists over the same physical infrastructure, but using two completely different networks. The technology we use allows free interconnection of users locally and simultaneously providing them with internet connection. At the same time based on the same equipment we create a second wireless network of secure connection only municipal wireless nodes-devices to connect with each other, but also provide access to the Internet. These two separate networks are interconnected via three independent DSL lines online. The two DSL lines meet the needs of citizens, and the third the needs of the municipality. These three lines although linked to independent and geographically remote wireless nodes can serve the needs of all users through use routing protocol between wireless nodes. For the same reason, in case of loss of a DSL line assume the other two routing of packets to the Internet. In this network it has also been implemented quality of service mechanism for meeting the needs of all users and prioritizing per user - service. The interconnection between the nodes has been made using MikroTik equipment that was configured and tested in our company's facilities before final installation in weatherproof outdoor boxes. Particular emphasis was placed on sealing equipment, waveguides connections and cable infrastructure

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n ionia network

The second example of wireless network implementation  from UTELIT Ltd. was the design and implementation wireless network to meet the needs of the municipality N. Ionia. The needs covered included the municipality buildings which were up to 4 Km apart from the base station. The intense urban environment in which the wireless station had to be installed was one of the problems we had to solve.

Τhe use transit stations because of no visual contact between the points that should be interconnected and the central station was recuired. The interconnection points made using Cisco equipment that was configured and tested in our company's facilities before final installation in weatherproof outdoor boxes.

Particular emphasis was placed on sealing equipment, waveguides connections and cable infrastructureIt was also installed lightning protection in all antenna systems for protection of equipment and manpower.