As companies increasingly use and at the same time offer web based services (eg, web email, portals, web applications),risk the exposure themselves to malware (Trojans, viruses, worms).

But apart from the external risks the internal ones are possible too. Uncontrolled access to key network devices (router, switch, server) can cause serious disruption to an organization. But even if physical security to the sensitive data room has been ensured it would be wise the departments to be separated and access to resources by people who do not have the necessary authorization to be limited with the use VLAN.

As no enterprise from a large insurance company to a small law firm, does not want to jeopardize its data, the experienced engineers of Utelit with the right combination and use of suitable hardware and software can shield it against the malicious attacks and provide consulting services for the planning of a data room with the required physical security.Keeping in mind your needs and your future plans we can implement the appropriate scalable infrastructure , with low upgrade cost.